Web Consulting

  • Our 1-1 consulting process follows a strict agile process of building your perfect marketing/ technology stack which enables your business to scale & grow as you do with your clients. We help you from website design, implementation, digital marketing & continuous improvement right down to marketing automation with Email Marketing, finding influencers suitable for your brand and creating an entire strategy around your product/service

What We Do

  • Web Site Design

We create 100% responsive website design be it for WordPress/E-Commerce, Shopify, pure HTML or a custom Web-App. Our web design is unique and follows a unique system of adapting to your every need.

  • UX/UI Design Analysis

We test your website design over different devices and ensure the sizing, responsiveness and content's load exactly as they were designed with a goal of consistent cross-channel journeys.

  • 1-1 Consulting

We provide 1-1 style digital as well as in-person consulting where we analyuse any issues your business might be experiencing, provide training for your team, provode advice, consult on strategies or even audit your entire strategy /technological stack.

  • SEO Strategy

Based on your targets, competitors and our audit, we then provide a detailed Search Engine Marketing plan to hit targets within fixed timelines. We can rank your website in any industry except the adult industry.

  • Digital Marketing

We eat and sleep Digital marketing, right from persona identification, digital strategy to conversion optimization and digital advertising. We pride ourselves as one of the best Digital Marketing agencies in Japan.

We Help Build Your Technology Stack & Digital Marketing Needs

Often, mobile apps also require a server backend to store and process data and a web frontend for easy web access. Our full stack JavaScript developers will help you with them.

Building premium-quality web solutions for your Business!

  • Front end

Build a smooth online interface to retrieve insights useful for your business and/or let users access your device/service via web.

  • Back end

Get a rock-solid realization of your business logic on the server side to enforce strong reliability of your solution.

  • Web apps

Users want to be able to access modern services both via mobile and via web. Address their needs with an outstanding web application.

  • Android smartphones and tablets

Using the most advanced development tools (Reactive X, Dagger and others), we create apps running smoothly on all popular Android versions.

  • iPhone & iPad

iOS development requires deep understanding of the Apple ecosystem. With our experienced developers your product will run perfectly on any desired iOS device.

Why Us

We provide the most detailed project scope on the market. You’ll always know the status of your project thanks to the tools, regular meetings and communication with the team’s project manager.

What to expect at Attomm

Well organized processes

  • Work in an Agile environment by applying well-tailored Scrum methodology. 
  • Organize, Plan and Review your work in JIRA or other top-shelf tracking systems. No management without the appropriate tools. 
  • Project managers and business analysts will consistently ensure you have a detailed roadmap, sufficient information, well-defined requirements for future development.